Goods are items that can be sold or traded at either the Emporium or any Auction House.

Goods come in two variations, normal and excllent. For every normal item, there is a matching excellent version. Excellent version as made and produced in the same manner as normal goods, but instead of requiring normal goods as inputs, they require excellent goods. For example to create Amphorae (excellent), Clay (excellent) is required as an input.
Goods distribution

Distribution of Goods Production

For balancing purposes, production of different items are distributed across the entire map. Each different city has a different group of items that it can produce. This limits what cities can produce what items and facilitates the need to trade between players. Also, this gives a distinct advantage to creating settlements which can give you the ability to produce goods that are needed for manufacturing higher tiered items.

List of GoodsEdit


Building materialsEdit





Raw materialsEdit



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