Aquileia is a Roman city located at the top of Italy.


Aquileia currently has 290 merchants.

Its special goods are Horses, Coal, Sheep, and Wool.

  • Academy: Level 5
  • Aqueduct: Level 4
  • Auction House: Level 4
  • Barracks: Level 4
  • Colosseum: Level 5
  • Granary: Level 4
  • Harbour: Level 5
  • Roman Forum: Level 5
  • Senate: Level 5
  • Temple: Level 4


  • Aedile: Bosshaus
  • Curator: Ali Babah
  • Quaestor: Aristotelis
  • Tribune: Alawinter
  • Consul: Dona Paola

Number of Senators: 32

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